Map Experimentation

This was for my final major project in University – I was creating more advertising for Haunted Plymouth and I also created a booklet for the company. A main point of this project was creating a map that incorporated “old Plymouth” and “new Plymouth”. The markers represent the haunted locations around Plymouth.

map-large-without-words-experimentation5 map-large-without-words-experimentation2 map-large-without-words-experimentation3 map-large-without-words-experimentation6markers map-large-without-words-experimentation7 map-large-without-words-experimentation6 map-large-without-words-experimentation9 map-large-without-words-experimentation18 map-large-without-words-experimentation19 map-large-without-words-experimentation15 map-large-without-words-experimentation5ghost markers no colour

In the end I decided that putting the two maps onto one page created a cluttered look which wasn’t very clear. I then printed the “old” map onto tracing paper, and the “new” map underneath with the road names and ghost markers.

tracing paper map



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